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  • Microsoft Word can be jacquard fabric found on almost every computer in the known world, and not just PCs either. Macs run Word too. It's probably because it's so widely used that most people never get trained in how to use it and, as a consequence a lot of Word users make some pretty basic mistakes when creating their documents.

    * When creating a document to be printed on a particular type of stationery, such as letter-headed paper, many Word users have the habit of using the Return key to create space at the start of the document. What they should be doing is changing the top margin. To change the margins in Word 2007, click on Margins then Custom Margins in the Page Layout tab on the ribbon. In previous versions of Word, choose Page Setup from the File menu.

    * A lot of Word users have the habit of entering two spaces after a full-stop. This is a recommendation that used to apply when typewriters were being used with monospace typefaces such as Courier. With the advent of word processors, and now computers, the two space rule is redundant because electronically generated fonts are proportionally spaced and it's easy for the eye to pick out the end of each sentence.

    * A lot of Word users also like to press the Return key twice after each paragraph. This tends to create too much space. It's better to use just one Return then adjust the paragraph spacing by choosing Format - Paragraph (in Word 2003 and earlier) or clicking on the Page Layout tab (in Word 2007) and entering the desired amount in the box marked Spacing After.

    * If a casual user of Word has never had any training, you will often see him or her using the space bar to align columns of text. This sometimes looks as though it's working on screen but when the document is printed, the lack of alignment becomes very apparent. The only sure way of getting columns to align is to press the Tab key.

    * Word, like most text handling software has default tab stops. So, a lot of users align their columns by pressing the tab key repeatedly if necessary to move to closest default tab. This leads to inconsistency in the number of tab characters between columns and should be avoided. It's much better to click on the Word ruler to set up your own tabs just where you need them.

    * Another common mistake among Word users is to manually format text in long documents or perhaps to user the Format Painter. Manually formatting text is fine for single page or short documents but with long documents, it's best to use Word's style feature. That way, if you need to modify the appearance of the document, all you need to do is to modify the attributes of the styles.

    * Then there's the question of mattress fabric who's in charge: Word or the user. You will often hear users complain that Word has a mind of its own: "It tries to do everything for you". Remember, almost any setting in Word that irritates you can be modified by going to Tools - Options in Word 2003 or earlier or choosing Word Options from the Office Button in Word 2007.

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