Obsessive thoughts are really feelings of anxiety

Obsessive thoughts are really feelings of anxiety


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  • Obsessive thoughts are really feelings of anxiety, and here our old enemy, stress, plays its part. Suppose one of your rituals was to pat your dog ten times before going out. One day, just after the eighth pat, Fido hears a noise in the kitchen and does a runner. You've missed two pats. How would you feel goods lift ? Your stress level would go sky high, wouldn't it? So take 20 minutes a day for total relaxation. Then, stress can no longer find obsessions. 

    As you can see, some of these signs or symptoms of a panic attack can be pretty terrifying themselves. At the very least, they are all things that you do not want to have to deal with on an ongoing basis. The problem becomes worse when you start to fear having panic attacks, so you begin to avoid doing things or going places that you think will set off another attack. Sound familiar? When I returned from abroad back in the early sixties, my mind was brim full of everything I was going to do. I had all sorts of ideas. Some of them of course were plain stupid, but others could well have worked. But fear of failure held me back. I looked into the future and saw myself failing miserably. 

    Panic Puzzle is an 84 page book in which three techniques are basically talked about to eliminate anxiety. The first technique is 'Switching Anxiety Off' that teaches you how to on and off anxiety quickly and how to take full control over it. Second is the powerful technique of Relaxation that teaches you how to restore calm and cool. The last method is Eliminating Anxious Sensations that enables you to eliminate unpleasant sensations that accompany feelings of anxiety and panic. Another way of conquering panic or anxiety attack is to accept that you are in panic. Acknowledging that you are afraid is one good way of defeating panic attacks. It is better to bring your feelings out than keep it inside yourself. Having a friend or a family member to help you through this disabling disorder can be very helpful. You can also talk to a therapist to help you deal with panic or anxiety attacks. 

    The first step if you want to suppress your panic attacks is to know your trigger. People suffering from panic or anxiety attack have their triggers and it is easy to suppress your panic attacks if you know your trigger. Some people have panic attacks when being confined in small enclosed areas like the elevator and some may experience extreme terror in a social situation. It is easy to treat your disorder if you know what makes you panic or anxious. When you suffer from a panic attack, your breathing will start to become more shallow and you will take a lot of shallow breaths. The more that you do this, usually the worse the attack becomes. To kind of counter measure against this, you want to learn how to control your breathing, so that the attack does not become worse than it already is. Breathing in deeply, waiting for a couple of seconds and then letting your breath out slowly can help you to control the panic attack.

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