Photo Challenges


Are you a passionate photographer looking for a new challenge? Maybe you've been looking to try different photography techniques but not sure where to start. 


Introducing PicBallot Photo Challenges.


Each week you will challenged to explore new places and capture different types of photos. It could be using the rule of thirds or capturing a beautiful reflection on a lake at sunset.  Other challenges you'll see are macro photography, long exposure photos, silhouettes, black and white, portraits,  and night photography.


Don't worry if your not exactly sure what all of these are.  That's the fun part! 

Our photo challenges are designed to try something new and push you out of your comfort zone. 

Ready to begin a photography adventure with us! The first challenge starts at the end of August!

Simply share your photo matching the weekly theme in our main forum with a specific hashtag and your automatically entered in the weekly competition. That's it!

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